Way back in March, Baird announced via Twitter that it was asked to stop using the bear head logo to avoid confusion with the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears – an affiliate of the NHL’s Washington Capitals.


Well thanks to a Twitter tipster, @JesseMorrisVid, we were given notice that a new logo was being publicized.  On August 18, the Baird Bears booster club posted this message and flyer, giving us our first look at the new logo in any marketing sense. On the Baird ISD website, the new logo is showcased at at the top, albeit with some poor-quality Photoshop work, in the body and footer, and the logo is present on the football team’s schedule. On the athletics website, the white B on a red oval remains, which, according to @JesseMorrisVid, has been the fallback logo for years.

The new logo features a brown-colored bear – not sure if a brown bear, grizzly bear or kodiak bear at this point, but let’s go with grizzly due to the claw size and generally being more aggressive – growling upwards while swiping with its claws around a red B with white and red outlines. As the Baird tweet mentioned above, the ISD was looking for something unique to the district, and what’s apparent is the ISD purchased this iStock image and shoe-horned in a B. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a long way from having something specifically made for your school.

Baird is one of 26 schools in Texas with the nickname “bears.”

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