Quietly last week on Twitter, Christoval ISD – a 2A community just south of San Angelo – announced sweeping changes to its athletic department identity. Namely that it had crafted its own identity – growing trend inside of high school athletics – instead piggybacking off of professional and university marks.

Christoval Cougars old logo

Prior to last week, Christoval used a very generic, outdated stock logo that a number of other schools have called their own. An outline of a cougar’s head in very fine detail – much too precise to be a branding standard. On the school’s athletic page, the Cincinnati Bearcat claw “C” still stands in the header, but (hopefully) that should be changing in the near future.

The athletic department unveiled a slew of logos last week, and the changes are profound. While the red, black and white remain, the school added a bit of gray to the identity.


Quite an impressive change, really. The standalone cougar works well on its own, although there’s not much about it that says Christoval. The CC paw looks similar to the Colleyville Heritage logo but there’s enough difference between the two to not mistake them easily. And the CC logo is good. Again going back to the Copperas Cove update earlier this year, the CC in Texas can get confusing with multiple schools utilizing those initials.

Overall, Christoval knocked it out of the park relative to where they came from.

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