Thanks again to tipster Tony Blalock, we have a new logo to chat about, this time coming from Copperas Cove – home of the Bulldawgs.

Gone is a generic bulldog head logo, which is being traded in for a much more athletically stylized, italicized double Cs – the school district is sticking with an interlocking, serif C motif.

Copperas Cove Bulldogs

old athletic logo


new athletic logo

The logo seems to have premiered on the school’s athletic website on Jan. 21 with little-to-no fan fare, but was featured prominently during Signing Day just a few days later.

Just like with Cypress Creek’s change from earlier this year, it’s great to see schools rebrand to a more specific identity. The blue is brighter than the bulldog head and the incorporation of yellow into the primary athletic logo definitely make this pop considering Copperas Cove is one of three schools in its district (football) with blue as the dominant color and four others with some shade of red (and another that is maroon).

The only quibble about this logo is the simplicity of CC as the main logo. “CC” could theoretically belong to a host of schools, including other 6A schools like Comal Canyon or Cypress Creek.

Other than that, a solid change to create a separate identity than using one of the many vector bulldog head clipart logos available.

Once again, if you know of any updates/changes that have occurred or are in the pipeline, we’d love to know.

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