Per a report Wednesday evening by NBCDFW, Arlington Martin will cease its use of the Native American logo, and will instead go with its Rockin’ M logo moving forward.

In a statement to students, parents and faculty, Arlington Martin principal Marlene Roddy said, “The importance as an educational institution for modeling cultural awareness and sensitivity is paramount in today’s world. For this reason, the depiction of the Native American headdress will no longer be used at Martin High School.”

From an athletics perspective, the Rockin’ M had been the primary identification mark used with the headdress logo seldom used. The M has been a permanent fixture on the football helmets for years, used at mid-court for basketball and volleyball for a long while, too, and featured on the softball and baseball teams’ hats and jerseys.

Arlington Martin Warriors Arlington Martin Warriors Arlington Martin Warriors Arlington Martin Warriors Arlington Martin Warriors

Roddy also mentioned in her email that students will have an option to choose or provide their own graphic design for a modern-day Warrior mascot.

By our count, there are still 23 schools in Texas that use a picture of a Native American for its school’s mascot:

Warriors: 5
Braves: 1
Indians: 15
Redskins: 1
Chiefs: 1

More recently, Nevada Community underwent a rebrand of its school’s iconography and leaned all-in on the Indian motif, changing from a simple arrowhead to the inclusion of an Indian male in a headdress.

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