Thanks to a tip from Tony Blalock of @TXHSFB, there is a new high school logo to look forward to in the 2020-21 season – if all things pan out as many would like.

Pasadena Memorial High School unveiled a refreshed look of its athletics logo with the tweet below.

And the results are…disappointing.

For starters, image searching “Pasadena Memorial Mavericks” does not bring about many good iconography. It’s taken a good fourth, fifth and 10th looks to recognize that there is a horse muzzle on the right side. It’s always been one of the oddest looks when researching and putting together this site.

However, the new look does not necessarily improve things. The the crazy left size or mane/neck area are toned down now but what seems to have happened is the Denver Broncos logo and the previous PMHS logo were merged together to create what we have now.

Add to the face this new version looks to be hand drawn on Photoshop for iOS and it creates a pretty underwhelming look. Requests for comment on the new look went unanswered, but we’d love to get some answers as to how this one came about.

All in all, this could have been better considering the other variations of Mavericks around the state (11 of them). This is a lateral move from the previous look, at best.


How do you feel about PMHS’ new athletic logo?

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