It’s time once again for our Quick Fix series, where we look at high school logos across Texas, decide which ones need a refresh and spend 30 minutes applying a fix.

Our first three entries were:

For our next dive, we take a look at Abilene. One of four high schools within Abilene ISD and one of the 145 schools we have in our database with the nickname “Eagles.”


Let’s give credit where credit is due: Abilene does have a unique eagle head within its logo. Unlike the dozens and dozens of schools that utilize the Philadelphia Eagle head for its logo, Abilene stands out from the crowd with a white, black and gold eagle head in front of a gold, A that is outlined in white and black.

Abilene Eagles

Abilene Eagles

The problem?

Just look at how busy those details are within the beak and on the shaded area of the face. It’s a great photo-realistic mock-up of an eagle’s head, but like so many logos, it’s just too detailed. Similar to Dallas Madison, there is no way you could see those finer spots within the face on a helmet, on small print or be able to recreate them well with embroidery.

For instance:

From far away, that would just look like a gold splotch in front of a black A – barely recognizable.

Aside from the helmet seen above (that gold is much different that the logo gold) the gold, white and black do work very well together, though. The head pops with prominence in front of the gold, block A, and the overall package creates a unique presentation.

The negatives:

  • Too many details on head
  • Too not easily replicable

The positives:

  • The colors
  • Only one logo out there; not other potential mixups


The only thing we decided to focus on was eagle head. The A needn’t be adjusted as it serves as a great help in identifying exactly which Eagles team the royal we are talking about.




We completely revamped the head, though, into something a lot more trendy and simple. The orientation of the head is the same. The feathers at the neck are still there as well as the gold beak. It was imperative to keep the depth under the face, which is where the gray shadowing came into play.

Gone is the golden eye, but even without it, you can tell the face is fierce and ready for action. The key difference now is that this can be easily replicated elsewhere and still does not bring up any question what school is being showcased.

There you have it. The reworked Abilene Eagles.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Quick Fix logos are purely conceptual and not always original creations. We take creative liberties with source material to showcase something new and different. We do not own original works and use a watermark to reduce improper reproduction of logos not intended for everyday use.

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