In our third entry of the series, we stay in the DFW and more specifically in Dallas ISD. Sorry DISD, we’re not picking on you – it’s just a situation of happenstance, and luckily a few could use some TLC.

Let’s spend some time on the Dallas Madison Trojans.


Like it’s DISD brethren, Seagoville, Madison is a little more put together but still has too much going for it. It’s got a script font with an outline. It’s got a cartoon image of a Trojan warrior ready for battle. The best part of the logo, in our estimation, is the M – though there are some jagged edges in some spots.

Dallas Madison Trojans

Dallas Madison Trojans

It wouldn’t be so bad if the script was the only thing in front of the M and the M was cleaned up a bit. Rounded strokes on sharp corners are a bit of a no-no. It softens the clean lines too much.

The Trojan warrior with the battle axe, sword and mace (the ball on the handle with spikes) and also a shield and cape is absolutely over-the-top. The lines of this character are not clean or sharp and the details get lost as the image shrinks down. Even at the size we have, the lines are fuzzy.

Can you really make out the warrior’s details on a helmet?

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Even the script is hard to read from far away.

What is an absolute winner for this logo is the color combination. That green and that yellow go very well together.

The negatives:

  • Too many elements
  • Too detailed warrior
  • Rounded corners on sharp edges
  • Jagged edges

The positives:

  • The M design
  • The colors


The first thing to do was to simplify and unify the elements. The M by itself would have been good, but that’s a cheap way out of this.

The battle between Troy and Sparta brings up a lot of imagery of either helmets or the men that donned the attire and went into battle.




So we took the M and meshed it with a Trojan helmet to get an M for the front of the helmet with a yellow plume.

There is still a menacing feel to this helmet with the angles around the eyes, and you still get the inside lines that exist in the M from the original.

We added the deep slate to help make the logo pop on lighter backgrounds, and a white outline could be used on dark backgrounds.

There are a lot of Trojans and Spartans used in Texas, but this one would certainly have the most unique look out of all of then.

And there you have it: A quick 30 minutes spent on fixing the Dallas Madison Trojans. For the next one, we’ll stay away from DISD.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Quick Fix logos are purely conceptual and not always original creations. We take creative liberties with source material to showcase something new and different. We do not own original works and use a watermark to reduce improper reproduction of logos not intended for everyday use.

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