Where did nearly two years go? Our last entry in this series was in August of 2022, and somehow it’s June of 2024.

Regardless, we are back with a renewed sense of energy in this series to hopefully get back a weekly cadence in providing fun, conceptual fixes for some of the state’s schools. We even have some adjusted branding for it, too, so we must be serious.

Our latest target for the seventh in the “Quick Fix” series: Muleshoe Mules.

As a reminder, here are the other entries.

Current Logo

A big reason why we pick the schools we do is because their design just seems old. Muleshoe is no exception.

Muleshoe Mules

It’s not awful, but the hand-drawn look coupled with the mule only being two-tone just doesn’t inspire much. Also, and maybe it’s just an us thing, showing the ass of an ass seems weird.

There are only two schools with the Mules moniker, so there is a great opportunity to really stand out with a dedicated athletics logo, which is greatly needed for the school.

A quick image search also brings up a few different options.

The MaxPreps team page uses this logo, which features a white mule head in front of a gray M. It definitely needs work as the head and ears look like a hat and the M does not have defined, straight lines.

Muleshoe High School (TX) Varsity Football

On the Facebook ISD page, there is this M, which gives off a Texas A&M knockoff kind of vibe.


The negatives:

  • Hand drawn
  • Too detailed while also not having well-defined lines
  • No true identity for the school

The positives:

  • Unique mascot

The Fix

Obviously, the main fix was to change the orientation and focus on the mule head. The rear end should not be what draws the eye for any sports logo.

Our version is quite the change from anything else out there featuring a mule for the school. We went with a fierce-looking animal, introduced sharp lines and styled it more in the way sports logos typically look nowadays.

Another design element we included is the train tracks in the negative space to the left of the mule’s face. This honors Muleshoe’s origins as a town when in 1913 the Pecos and Northern Texas Railway built an 88-mile line from Farwell, Texas, to Lubbock through northern Bailey County. That line runs right along Highway 84 as it goes through the town.

We kept the same color scheme as the bucking donkey logo with white and black but a less full black than before and then introduced a slate gray outline around the head.


And there it is. The latest Quick Fix in the TXHSLP library – a logo truly befitting of sports usage for the Muleshoe Mules.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Quick Fix logos are purely conceptual and not always original creations. We take creative liberties with source material to showcase something new and different. We do not own original works and use a watermark to reduce improper reproduction of logos not intended for everyday use.

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