We’re back with the eighth installment of our Quick Fix series. And for this iteration, we set our eyes to the Port Isabel Tarpons.

Current Logo

Recently, we featured Port Isabel as our Logo of the Day, but only after adjusting the logo we had in our database.

We went from the logo looking like this:

To this:

Port Isabel Tarpons

This new version was taken from the ISD’s Facebook page without the tarpon and water splash in front.

But that opened up quite a quandary when it came to this school’s logo: What is the right one? Because a quick Google image search did not yield anything definitive.

In the first two rows, there are four different versions, and there’s a fifth different one on the third row.

A frustrating matter to say the least. And as branding becomes more and more prolific within the high school world, so too does uniting colors, fonts and imagery.

When we remade the logo, based off that first image in the Google search, we took notice of some issues with it: spacing and sizing.

As you can see below, the P is a bit higher than the I while the I is certainly much taller than the P. Additionally, the space between the right of the P and the left of the bottom of the T is much narrower than the right of the T and left of the I.

Confusing no?

The negatives:

  • Variations everywhere
  • Sizing and spacing way off
  • The tarpons and water splashes seen in all of the other versions are simply way too detailed

The positives:

  • Great idea base
  • One of one mascot

The Fix

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

Our version of the new Port Isabel logo is not at all a drastic overhaul. It’s a very basic approach to very easily, rectifiable problems.

We liked the idea of a tarpon showing front and center; just not one that has every defined visual characteristic of the fish showing.

So that was the first move: Find a more reasonable approach to add the fish. We used a two-toned version that is still easily recognizable as a tarpon. We made it the same blue as the current logo, added a white stroke/background and put it right in the front.

Part 1 done.

The next fix was adjusting the P and the I flanking the T. If you removed the fish, balance and symmetry for this logo is paramount. In some versions, the I is the same height as the P, but it’s not nearly as wide and creates awkward spacing whether it is centered under the top right of the T or aligned all the way right. Having a fat letter (P) and a skinny letter (I) will do that.

The remedy was the make the top and bottom of the I be as wide as the P. This allows the negative space between each letter to be even while also filling the same horizontal footprints. Additionally, we shrunk the letters down a bit and spaced them evenly between the top and bottom of the T’s feet.

Whether together or as separate elements, each part of our version of the Port Isabel logo has balance, simplicity and easy recognition, and that is most important when it comes to logos.

Quick Fix Series

EDITOR’S NOTE: Quick Fix logos are purely conceptual and not always original creations. We take creative liberties with source material to showcase something new and different. We do not own original works and use a watermark to reduce improper reproduction of logos not intended for everyday use.

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