Late last week, Birdville ISD unveiled the new logo for Richland High School after earlier this year it approved the removal of the Rebels name and all confederacy imagery.

Here is what BISD showcased before the start of its 2020-21 athletic calendar.

In a post back in August, we stated this about the Richland High School’s new name.

The other change was in the DFW Metroplex as Birdville ISD trustees unanimously approved the switch for Richland’s mascot from Rebels to Royals, the second school in UIL to don that moniker (the first in the UIL to compete in UIL athletics). Richland High School was named the Rebels back in 1961, but a groundswell of support came recently to change the name. Quietly, Richland had been distancing away from the confederate theme in its logo marks as it used a red flag with a blue vertical bar and white stars. On its athletic page, though, Richland had been using a solid navy blue R in front of a white Texas with a navy blue outline. The district said it is working with a designer to develop and conceptualize the new Richland Royals brand.

According to reports, the district used a branding company that met with students, school leaders and community members to understand better their opinions for the new branding.


A lion is what was chosen as the new mascot. It is a blue and white lion head with red crown. The lion’s eye, nose and mouth provide depth in the negative white space. In a bit of a touch of genius, there is abstract “R” in the center of the lion’s crown.

The question becomes if the current logo will fade away or will become an alternate logo. The football team still uses the R on its helmet, which is a product of the new branding coming just before the athletic calendar.

The Lion idea is quite the change from the rebel theme, but does give more of a private/Christian school vibe than a team within the UIL.

Overall, this is a great rebrand as it was definitely well thought out and executed.

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