Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The previous quote was there as this website was created, but the ideal behind it was too strong to delete.

Welcome, everyone. This is Texas HS Logo Project. As the name suggests, this website is about logos. In the same vein as, this website will be deditated to (eventually) housing/cataloging all of the logos throughout the great state of Texas – this will included all the 6A through 1A schools, TAPPS, SPC and any other conferences/districts/associations that are out there.

Much like we have Texas Bob with venues/stadiums and a couple Texas Helmet Project websites (here and here), it was time something was created to house all of the logos under the sun.

Why? For starters: nerdism. Secondly because of seeing it as somewhat of a need so instances below (sorry SportsDayHS, not picking on you, just using as an example) don’t happen anymore.



While Wichita Falls Rider, Waco La Vega and Decatur (and technically Aledo) do not fall in the Dallas Morning News’ coverage zone, in 2018 this should not occur. So this site is going to act as a resource for those looking for the correct, official, up-to-date logos for high schools.

So this is where that quote comes into play and felt so perfect. Spread the word and help where you can. As this journey begins, any and all help would be great. This is a one-man operation so far, and a couple weeks into it, we’re through the first two regions of 6A in the UIL, so this will be a long road to ho. Anyone who has access to large, hi-resolution, backgroundless logos would be encouraged to send them to

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this little corner of the web. Come back, tell your friends and lets get this project finished sooner rather than later.

The goal, much like would be to have individual school pages where multiple logos can reside per page. Some schools rock something completely different on their football helmets than the normal mascot logo.

And don’t hesistate to pass along corrections. If the wrong logo is being used for your school, let us know by saying as much and offering where the right one can be found.

Thanks again.


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